Everyone has their own personality, which tends to be reflected also in the furniture choices.

For Ulivi Salotti the relationship with the customers is crucial and interpreting their needs is just as important to creating products that can represent the taste and style of the buyer.

Every element of our collections can be fully customized, both in colors and finishes, both in combining the leather with other fine materials.

The colors, shiny or matte finishes, the edges and the seams contribute to the creation of unique products of their kind, result of the sartorial skill of our craftsmen in the processing of high quality materials.

It ‘s possible to finish each setting in detail according to the wishes of the customer, creating elegant and absolutely unique combinations. Processing of leather offers a wide range of solutions and it is extended to the decorative elements, such as the woven leather.

Customization is extended to the solid wood processing that creates, combined with the leather, the typical contrast of two natural materials of strong personality but which can be united in perfect harmony for bespoke furniture.

Our craftsmanship allows to work on wood by following its natural traits, its natural grain, modeling it with traditional toolings and highlighting the value of the experience in working with different finishes as marble, stone and glass.